How do you write a source list?

How do you write a source list?

List all of the authors for each of your sources. Alphabetize the authors by last name. Type the last name, a comma and the first name. For works with multiple authors, type the first author’s last name first, and the rest of the authors in standard format.

What is Chapter 4 in research all about?

Writing Chapter 4: The Results of Your Research Study The purpose of this chapter is to summarize the collected data and the statistical treatment, and/or help write a research paper mechanics, of analysis. Some studies are easier to defend if all the raw data is in this chapter; some are better if the bulk of the raw data is in an appendix.

Where can I find statistics on everything?

14 Places You Can Find Statistics for Copy and InfographicsStatista. Statista has data for more than 60,000 topics from 18,000 sources, just try to find a topic that they don’t have. This is more than a useful resource, it’s a great way to win arguments. Google Public Data. When in doubt, Google it. Gapminder. Reference Center. Gallup. NationMaster. DataMarket.

What are the major characteristics of qualitative research?

Characteristics of Qualitative Observational ResearchNaturalistic Inquiry. Qualitative observational research is naturalistic because it studies a group in its natural setting. Inductive analysis. Holistic perspective. Personal contact and insight. Dynamic systems. Unique case orientation. Context sensitivity. Empathic neutrality.

How do you write a psychology research proposal apa?

Here is a short breakdown of the APA proposal format:12-point font Times New Roman.Double-spaced.1-inch margins.An APA running head (limited to 50 characters)A title page with the paper’s title (no more than 12 words in length), your name, and the name of your institution.An abstract (150-200 words)Nov 10, 2016

How do you write a topic proposal?

InstructionsWrite down the main topic of your paper. Write two or three short sentences under the main topic that explain why you chose that topic. Write a thesis sentence that states the angle and purpose of your research paper. List the items you will cover in the body of the paper that support your thesis statement.Jan 31, 2013

What does a research scientist do?

They plan and carry out experiments and investigations in a range of areas, including geoscience, medical research, meteorology and pharmacology. A research scientist’s work is almost entirely laboratory-based, with responsibilities that include: planning and conducting experiments. recording and analysing data.

How do I protect my thesis?

The best protection is to publish all the work in your thesis either single authored or with you as first author. You are an idiot if you do not anyway. Get anything patentable patented. With theses probably the most dangerous thing is people looking at it and doing the same experiments and publishing ahead of you.